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5 Outdoor Home Projects With the Best Payoff

By: Dave Birkle

Looking to make some outdoor upgrades to your home? If selling your home is on the horizon, there are a few curb appeal projects that are more worthwhile when it comes to your bottom line and the amount you can potentially get back in your sale. We are breaking down the estimated cost recovery in some of the most popular outdoor remodeling projects in 2023, according to landscape professionals and Realtors. Read on!

1. New Patio If you’re looking to upgrade your back yard with a new 18’ x 16’ paver patio, it will cost you somewhere around $10,500. The good news? You’re likely to add a value of $10,000 to your home, amounting to a 95% estimated cost recovery!

2. Landscaping Upgrade

Some professional front yard landscaping can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Let’s say you install a natural flagstone front walkway with two stone planters, five shrubs, and a tree. This will cost somewhere around $9,000 but will add the exact same value back into your home, making for an estimated cost recovery of 100%!

3. Outdoor Kitchen

For those who love grilling out in the summer, an outdoor kitchen is a huge value add in a home! In fact, a $15,000 project of installing an inset grill, stainless steel drawers, ice chest sink and concrete countertop will likely add $15,000 of value and recover 100% of your cost!

4. Landscape Maintenance

Homeowners don’t always have to spend a fortune upgrading their curb appeal to add value. Simple maintenance for a clean and fresh look (such as mulching, mowing, pruning shrubs and planting perennials and annuals) can go a long way. Putting $4,800 into maintenance of your landscaping will likely recover $5,000 at the time of sale – a 104% estimated cost recovery!

5. Standard Lawn Care Service

Putting the time and money into treating your lawn will be the best bang for your buck when it comes to investing in your home and total cost recovery. Six standard seasonal applications of fertilizer or weed control on a 5,000 square foot lawn will cost somewhere around $415, but add $900 of value! This is an estimated cost recovery of 217%!

Being a homeowner isn’t easy, and sometimes requires more time and money than you may have anticipated. Thankfully, some of these projects end up being an investment into the home and your ultimate sale price, whether you sell next month or 10 years down the road. Most importantly, make sure to get out and enjoy your outdoor upgrades while the weather is nice!

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